Precautions Before & On Race Day

Before the Race

Personal Insurance

Blue Mountain Sports has its own public liability insurance. This does not include personal accident of participants. We recommend that you have your own personal accident cover.

Physical Conditions

Runners who has following disease are not recommended to participate the race and all the participants are at own risk:
a) Congenital or rheumatic heart disease;
b) Hypertension or cerebrovascular disease;
c) Myocarditis and other heart disease;
d) Coronary artery disease and serious arrhythmia;
e) Diabetes;
f) Any other diseases which can aggravated by running

Race pack pick up

Date and time of collection: To be confirmed
Venue: Blue Mountain Sports
Room 1111, 11/F, Pakpolee Commercial Centre, 1A-1K Sai Yeung Choi South Street, MongKok, Hong Kong

On Race Day

Start & Finish Points


Hong Kong Trail

Start point: Aberdeen PHAB Barbecue Area(click HERE for location)

Finish point: Tai Tam Reservoir Road (Opposite of public toilet)(click HERE for location)

Maclehose Trail

Start Point: Main Dam, Shing Mun Reservoir (click HERE for location)

Finish point: Rotary Park (click HERE for location)

Wilson Trail

Start Point: Tai Po Tau Playground (click HERE for location)

Finish point: Bride’ s Pool Road (click HERE for location)

Lantau Trail

Start Point: Mui Wo River Silver Garden (click HERE for location)

Finish point: Ngong Ping (click HERE for location)



Water & Food

Start point: Water & sports drinks

Check point:Water, sports drinks & snack

Finish point: Water, sports drinks & snack


Locations, time limit & close time of water stations
Hong Kong Trail:
Tai Tam Reservoir Road Sitting-out Area; 3 hours time limit, close at 12nn
Maclehose Trail: 
Lead Mine Pass; 3 hour time limit, close at 12nn
Wilson Trail: Hok Tau Reservoir; 3 hour time limit, close at 12nn
Lantau Trail: Pak Kung Au; 3 hour time limit, close at 12nn

* Participants arriving the check point after close time will be disqualified.

Luggage/ drop bag at start point

Each participant can storage one luggage before the race and the luggage will be transferred to finish point, luggage tag with bib number is provided for each participants for easy verification of your luggage . (The organizer has no liability for any loss and damage of your personal belongings, suggest you to take along any valuable belonging with you.)

Race suspension policy

-The organizer reserves the right to cancel or cut short the event for the following reasons:

Weather: adverse weather conditions.

Others: landslides, rockfalls or hill fires along the course; protests or blockage along the course force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the organizer and which renders it impossible, unsafe or impractical to hold the event. A force majeure event shall include, but is not limited to, act of God, war, hostilities, invasion, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, riot, commotion, strikes, go-slows, lock outs or disorder, blocked or inaccessible roads or trail

No Refunds will be provided for any reason of cancellation or postpone.