Rules & Regulations


Beware & Be Polite To Hikers: Please be reminded that there are lots of hikers on the trails and please be considerate and mindful to other people on the trails.

Cup/bottle: Disposable cups are not provided, please bring along your own cup/ bottle in order to enjoy the different kinds of beverages.

Race Bib: Race bib to be worn on Front of you but not on your back. Number bib cannot  be cut or altered and whole number MUST visible clearly from the front.

Start On Time: Anyone arriving more than 15 minutes after official start will NOT be allowed to start and will be classified as DNS (Did Not Start).

Protest: Any protests must be made within 30 minutes of finishing and HKD100 fee will be collected at command centre of finish line.

Amendment: $200 will be charged for amendment each time.

Passing: When passing please yell out and give signal to runner in front of you “Passing on your left or passing on your right”.

Final Decision: Race Director has final decision on all matters.

Entry: The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse entry for any reason; The registration fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable once paid.

Rules: Runners got caught breaching competition rules as noted below will be disqualified immediately
a) Refuse to stop the race and be collected when passing the cut-off time;
b) Refusing to follow the competition rules and guidelines;
c) Littering;
d) Disrespect the race organizing committee;
e) Not step on along designed course or run short-cuts;
f) No pacers allowed and supporter(s) of the runner must stay within 50 meters of water checkpoint only and cannot give drinks, food or any kind of support along course.